Marina - berth - finding buying selling by inwards  

Marines de Cogolin - South of France

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 Marina - berth - finding buying selling by inwards  

Marina Description

Marines de Cogolin lies at the heart of the Gulf of St Tropez, immediately South of the Giscle river estuary and Port Grimaud. It is not to be confused with Port Cogolin, adjacent to the marina but much smaller port, which is further up the Giscle and is home to a few boats up to 15 meters in length overall. Marines de Cogolin is much larger, with more than 1,500 berths, comparable in size to its neighbour, Port Grimaud, and offers a choice of holiday apartments overlooking the harbour. If you are looking to keep your boat or yacht on a berth in the Gulf of St Tropez, you will stand much better chances to find one there than in Port Grimaud, you need to own a property to keep a small boat (the larger berths being run by the public harbour, overwhelmed with demand). Securing a berth in the port of St Tropez itself will be even more challenging, which is why Marines de Cogolin remains a key spot to base a boat or yacht on the Riviera. It is also good place to stop and explore the area with up to 270 visitor berths.
Marines de Cogolin, being also a residential area, has a wide variety of shops, restaurants and services (including the Monaco Marine shipyard) to attend to boat owners’ needs.
Though the marina is huge, there are few berths over 17.5 m in size. There are in fact only 19 berths of 25 and 30 meters (only four 30 meter berths), which represents 1% of all the berths.
For more information and advice about mooring in Marines de Cogolin or more generally in or near the Gulf of St Tropez, just call Mr. Berth!