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Port Vauban - I.Y.C.A. - South of France

 130 m Berth Billionaire Quay Antibes moorings sale rental 
 Marina - berth - finding buying selling by inwards  

Marina Description

The International Yacht Club d’Antibes (I.Y.C.A.), better known as “Billionaire’s Quay” is one of the most prestigious yacht docks in the world. It is the home of some of the finest and largest megayachts.

This extension of Port Vauban was designed to welcome yachts from 60 m to 160 m. On a Côte d’Azur where in most marinas the maximum yacht size can be 40 m or 60 m, Antibes Billionaire’s Quay is an exception.

Being a berth owner (i.e. being one of the few shareholders of IYCA and having the right to use a specific berth) is itself an exception and a luxury only a handful of the wealthiest yacht owners from around the world can afford. Just the privilege of being able to come, moor and cast off whenever you please along this well established superport, is priceless. Berth owners are aware of it and they do contribute considerably to this unique dock’s maintenance and modernisation as having an out of scale yacht on an out of scale berth, requires out of scale support and services.

For instance, mooring the largest yachts in the world would simply not be possible if the IYCA had not its huge parking area all along the dock, which almost looks like a runway. How then would it be possible to bring sufficient fuel, lorries of food, provisions, spare parts or large enough bunkers to the back of these behemoths. There is also a helicopter pad just by the IYCA harbour office (just on the middle of the Jetty).

Should you wish to acquire the right to use a berth on the Billionaire’s Quay, you should do so carefully as high the figures involved and the wealth surrounding this dock obviously attracts “ill intended” individuals. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for any professional advice on berth and mooring ownership in I.Y.C.A.

  Marina - berth - finding buying selling by inwards  

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