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http://marinedirectory.ybw.com/berths/results.jsp :
This website displays some of our berths and moorings for sale. As always, we recommend you use caution when searching or buying a berth anywhere as the definition of "owneship" in this domain can vary considerably. You can always contact us for advice.

http://worldofpowerboats.com/2009/12/inwards-marine/ :
Our company profile and a few words from Richard Inwards, from World of Power Boats.

http://www.dockwalk.com/Superports/SuperportsAtoZ.aspx :
Super Ports A to Z: You will find on this website more information on ports, harbours and marinas worldwide, including useful statistics and contact details. This website does not distinquish private and public marinas. The smaller marinas are not necessary all on this Super Port A to Z, which to date is one of the best online marina directories.

http://www.ffports-plaisance.com/intro.php :
Fédération Française des Ports de Plaisance (i.e. French Federation of Yachting Marinas, or FFPP): This organisation, as indicated by its name, federates most yacht harbours and marinas in France, as well as many professionals operating in those various marinas.

http://www.inwardsmarine.com/ :

http://www.resaports.com/index.php :
If you are planning to cruise along the French and Italian Riviera's for your holidays, you may find it frustrating and difficult contacting all the various ports in the area in search of one available berth for you. RESAPORTS is a solution. RESAPORTS is a service which centralises berth booking enquiries for most of the harbours on the Côte d'Azur and Ligurian coastline assisting yacht owners. If there is a berth anywhere available for you to moor on, up to 3 nights in the Summer, RESAPORTS will know!

http://www.yachtspotter.com/ :
This site dedicated to the "yachtspotting" phenomenon is an amazing database of large yachts, with at times, very accurate specifications and allows you to track in which harbours and marinas the world's finest megayachts are moored.